1. Shipping Policies
    1. Confirm your payment

    If you paid with a wire transfer, send us your card deposit to our Costumer Care Center.

    1. By email:  ventas@muletta.com
    2. By WhatsApp / Cellphone: (449) 919 6307
    3. By Facebook: Muletta
    1. Guide Number

    Our Costumer Care Center will send you your guide number through the means used to contact us.

    1. Track your order

    With your guide number, through FedEx’s phone number 01.800.003.33.39, or it’s webpage  www.fedex.com.

    Delivery Times
    Between Aguascalientes’s City : 2 business days

    Interior Of The Mexican Republic: 3 to 5 días business days

    United States of America: 7 to 10 business days
    Shipping Fee
    Between Aguascaliente’s City : $12.00 Dollars

    Interior Of The Mexican Republic: $12.00 Dollars

    United States of America: $12.00 Dollars

    Company in charge of the parcel: FedEx
    The brand Muletta is responsible until the moment the package is delivered to the parcel of FedEx and it has been sent the guide number to the client, from that momento we pass the responsability to the FedEx Enterprise with phone number:  01.800.003.33.39, or the webpage: www.fedex.com.

    The Brand Muletta can only be held responsable for internal mistakes in the shipping process.